Cashback Software Features


Listed below are the important features of Cashback Software. Try the LIVE DEMO to see all features.

Easy Installation

Install & setup the website within one hour. Works on most of the shared hosting servers. Cashback Software is developed using php & uses mysql database. In addition to this, cashback software requires Ioncube, mod_rewrite & cron jobs support. Most web servers support these features. Our technical team will do the installation for you or assist you with the installation of the software.

Merchant Data Import

You can import 200+ popular affiliate merchant data with just one click from vCommission is an Indian affiliate network which has a tieup with most of the popular brands (advertisers). You can signup as a publisher on and become affiliate of all the available merchants without manually registering with each of the merchants.
You can also become a publisher of & promote the 200+ merchants on your website.
Using the services of vCommission or Cuelinks avoids the need to manually tracking the orders and commission. You can also have a mix of all these, i.e some merchants from vCommission, some from Cuelinks & some merchants which you have directly joined as an affiliate.

Now Supporting Flipkart, Optimise(OMG), PayOOM, Zanox, Rakuten Linkshare, Lomadee API Integration

Automated Sales Tracking

Sales data is imported from vCommission through API and the commission amount credited to member e-Wallet as pending commission.
For Cuelinks sales report csv can be uploaded to import the commission data.
For manually added merchants, sales data must be input from the admin area.

Automated Commission Processing

During sales data import or manual sale data input, no. of days for which the commission must be in ‘Pending’ status will be entered. After the specified no. of days, the amount is credited to member e-Wallet as available funds, which can be withdrawn by the members.

Responsive Website

When you install Cashback Software, you get a website which is responsive. Your website is mobile ready. Website displays well on all desktop, tablets & mobile phones.

Multiple Website Themes

Choose the theme of your choice for your website. Each template also comes with multiple color schemes.

Referral Feature

Cashback Software comes with all the features required for referral promotion & management. Each member gets a referral link, he/she can promote the referral link on social media, he/she can view the downline, view commissions etc. Admin can configure referral commission & sales referral commission values. When a member purchases through one of the cashback websites, he/she gets the cashback amount, for the same transaction his/her referral can also get a percentage of the cashback as a sales referral commission. This commission can be configured upto 3 levels.

Buit-in CMS

Our software comes with a website which includes a Content Management System. You can create any no. of pages, edit, delete, upload images and manage the page content using WYSIWYG interface. You can upload banners, ad blocks, post announcements etc and customize the website to your preferences with the built-in CMS.

Feature Rich Admin Area

Admin area is an important aspect of any software. A good admin area makes your life easier. Our software administration area comes with exhaustive features & user friendly interface to manage your website with ease. Some of the important features of admin area are: Member Management, Merchant Management, Sales & Commission management, referrals, payouts, Website pages, announcements, broadcasts, backup etc.

Products & Shopping Cart

Cashback software has built-in store feature. You can add products to the website and sell products directly on the website along with affiliate commission & cashback feature. You can run your website as a full-fledged e-commerce portal too. Referral sales commission & cashback is configurable for these sales too.

Digital (Downloadable) Products

Our store supports downloadable products. You can add digital products to the website & sell.

Multiple Languages

Cashback Software supports multiple languages. Your visitors can choose the language of their preference.

Multiple Admin

Our Software has support for 3 Roles. i.e Super Admin, Admin & Manager. Any no. of Admin & Manager staff can be created by Super Admin. Super Admin can also configure which pages Admin & Manager roles staff have access to.

SMS Notifications

Notifications to members are configurable. Both email & sms notifications are supported. Notifications can be enabled/disabled for the predefined events in the system.

Membership Fees

Want to charge a monthly or yearly fee to your members? Yes, we support it too!

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